An attempt at exhausting a place (in Edinburgh)

The Manna House Bakery and Patisserie

An attempt at exhausting a place (in Edinburgh)

4 – 31August 2014


In 1974 Georges Perec wrote the book An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, in which he spent three days in a cafe describing what he could see and hear. Alice Finbow, a London-based filmmaker and photographer, will take on Perec’s task: a woman in a different town and a different century, but with the same romantic inquiry into the image of the artist and his/her relationship with the world.

Alice sat in The Manna House for a week, observing the daily goings-on.  Her observations where displayed on The Manna House’s wall, as drawings, photographs, recorded texts and other visual findings.

Residency, 4-10 August; artwork display, 11-31 August 2014

68 hours later, 52 drawings, a full notebook and a slightly heavier Alice Finbow...


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