Channel Four, 3 Minute Wonder

Over 12 weeks, four young homeless people were trained in circus skills. These films document there progress, which creates the metaphor that learning circus skills is a metaphor for the trials of life.

Below are a some of the films :

Centrepoint, Britain’s premier youth homeless charity, is 40 years old this year. 

 “Juggling Homelessness” is a series of films about four homeless young people, following their progress as they learn circus skills, and dramatically demonstrating that the homeless are not no-hopers.  

“Being able to learn and perform a complex new task is a metaphor for life itself,” says film director Alice Finbow. “Mastering circus skills has vastly raised these kids’ self-esteem, and could transform their lives.” 

Thanks to Omari, Jamun, Norman and Jo for taking part in the filming & training for 12 weeks, with out  their involvement we would not have any films.

I would also like to say thank you to Jeni Smith, Joseph Finbow, Duncan Wilson, Katie Barton, Sally Reynolds, Jess Walters, Ellen Sampson, Stuart Croft, Anthony Schrag, Maisie Kendal, and  a massive thank you to Rebekah Kelly.